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Granicus opens the door for local government municipalities to webcast and deliver rich media to all their constituents. So they can have access from anywhere or at anytime. To do this Granicus developed MediaManager™, which consists of proprietary web-based software tools designed to efficiently organize and manage your streaming content. These tools put the control of webcast activity, user account management, live event management, and usage reporting in your hands.

MediaManager Basic Edition is the foundation of Granicus’ software package and has a variety of robust add-on modules to meet the unique needs of every agency’s size or cost requirement.

MediaManager Basic Edition: a full featured software application to access, archive, keyword search, index, and integrate rich-media such as documents and slides into your webcasts. Basic Edition, the foundation of our software, contains all features necessary to save local governments time and money while providing an attractive entry level of service into streaming video. And includes basic training, and unlimited 24/7 technical support and system monitoring.

MediaManager Enterprise Module: allows for unlimited access and use of the MediaManager Basic Edition application. Available for large organizations that require segmented control for different departments or services. The Enterprise tool set feature; categorized media libraries by group, setting user access to clips, assigning access based on specific criteria, access to software template language, unlimited template creation, flexible web publishing, and more. Acquisition package to capture your video broadcast.

Granicus OutCast™ Encoder coupled with the Granicus MediaManager™ software makes live streaming and archiving a simple, hands off process. Most encoders simply convert your audio/video signal into a digital format that can be used for webcasting; the Granicus OutCast encoder enables you to schedule live events, automatically publish to the web, index in real-time, present slides, include closed captioning, and automatically archive and transfer files to distribution servers. Distribution options are available to better manage your external bandwidth requirements.

StreamReplicator™ replicates and redistributes your live streaming webcasts to large audiences inside your network without incurring exorbitant bandwidth costs. MediaVault™ ensures you are maximizing your existing network infrastructure, audio/video archive requires storage, management and delivery. The Granicus MediaVault does this at a drastic cost savings.

Granicus MediaCenter™ provides you with optimized file management and distribution with redundant connections. Added value services to ensure an end-to-end solution for all your needs.

Granicus Managed Services provides 24/7 technical support, unlimited bandwidth, hosting, lifetime software upgrades, and system monitoring for a complete end-to-end solution created and designed for local government.