Category: Cottage Grove Spotlight

We meet the City's utility billing rep., Dar Hintz, find out how to book an event at River Oaks, Mayor Bailey talks about business growth and more.

Ben Ratzlaff takes us behind the scenes to see how River Oaks staff prepares the course for golf season, Becky Ahlvin helps install the indoor turf at the Ice Arena, Mayor Bailey talks about road improvements happening in the City and more.

We welcome some new businesses to the community, Mayor Bailey talks about the City's strategic goals and we meet Liatra Adsitt, the City's Skating School Director.

We check out the Eagles Bar and Grill, have some winter fun with Becky and John, Mayor Bailey talks about the Business Retention and Expansion project and more.

We await the annual arrival of the Holiday Train, Mayor Bailey lights up the season with his holiday decorations, the City welcomes several new businesses to town and more.

We watch the winning submissions of the Films in 5 Festival, check out the Archery Range, Mayor Bailey talks about some fun upcoming holiday events and more.

We take a ride down the Mississippi River, Mayor Bailey talks about the future of Cottage Grove and more.

We meet former Artist of the Month, Dwayne Tannahill, take skating lessons with Becky and John, Mayor Bailey talks about the Inclusive Playground community walk fundraiser and more.

We check out the 22nd annual Cottage Grove Safety Camp, visit the Farmer's Market, find out what's happening around town for business and development, and more.

We check out a new park in Cottage Grove, attend the Strawberry Fest Talent Show, hit the trails with Becky, Marshall and Roxie, and more.

Discover the history of the Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest, find out about new businesses and housing developments in town, check out some construction projects happening throughout the summer, and more.

We plant some trees at Cottage Grove's annual Arbor Day event, meet River Oaks interim manager Tyler Olson, check out some fun recreation programs happening this summer, and more.

We check out Black Dirt Improv at River Oaks Golf Course and Events Center, find out why many of the City's roads start with a G, H, J, or I, hear about some new parks opening this summer, and more!

The City showcases an exciting new renovation at Woodridge Park, meet Christine Costello, the new Economic Development Director, check out another expansion happening in the Business Park, and more!

We await the annual return of the Holiday Train, check out a wedding at River Oaks, find out about fun recreation events happening this winter, and more!

We check out Dan "The Common Man" Cole at River Oaks, join local businesses for a cruise along the Mississippi, Mayor Bailey talks about redevelopment happening around the city, and more!

We check out the City's first film festival, take a look at the top 3 winning films, visit Cottage Grove's newest park, and more!

We visit one of the Cities most historic places, hear about growth in the Business Park, check out plans for an Inclusive Playground at Woodridge Park, and more!

We attend a block party on Night to Unite, check out the fun of Safety Camp, find out how you can serve on a City Commission, and more!

We check out the fun at Strawberry Fest, get a sneak preview of Safety Camp, take a tour of the many parks in Cottage Grove, and more!

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