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November 2018: We learn about the Woodbury EMS Department & train in CPR See how to become a Woodbury Fire Explorer Meet a woman who was saved by Woodbury EMS Take a tour of the new 3rd Act Craft Brewery Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone

In this edition of Woodbury Citystyle: Learn about Woodbury's Inspection Division Get information on when you need building permits and how to get an inspection Feed my starving Children Mobile Pack Meet Environmental Excellence Winner Jack Evert Know the History of Ojibway Park Woodbury Update and more

In this edition of Woodbury Citystyle:
We go to the Tamarack Nature Preserve and show you this hidden gem in the City of Woodbury.
A Local Naturalist show us how the Preserve was created
Asst. Parks Director show us what the renovation of Ojibway Park is going to look like.
The Mayor's Memo talks about the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack event.
Plus the Woodbury Update and more on this edition of Woodbury Citystyle.

On this edition of Woodbury Citystyle: We look at the Public Works Construction Project See what renovations are coming to Ojibway Park this fall Learn what the city is doing to limit the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer Take a tour of the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in our development plan. Plus the Woodbury Update and more

We go to the Eagle Valley Golf Course and speak with Dan Moris and there programs and golf specials. Emma Jarrett gets a golf lesson Get a history lesson on the Eagle Valley Golf Course Meet two women participate in the Lions Garage Sale to give back to their community. Also the Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone.

On this edition: We go to the Woodbury Community Expo and learn about the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce See how teenagers can participate in City Government Learn about the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Mayor Memo: Woodbury Thrives Also the Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone

We go to Central Park and talk about Lookout ridge and other amenities Meet the designers of the Park and see how they got all those trees inside We check in with the Woodbury Citizen's Academy In the Development Plan we tell you about a new office building at City Place Also the Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone

Woodbury Citystyle: Relive the Celebrity Sweat Flag Football Challenge and the Anytime Fitness Super Snow Spectacular. Learn the proper way to recycle at the HealthEast Sports Center. See how Woodbury's Emergency Medical Service began. Your Woodbury Update and more.

In this episode of Woodbury Citystyle we clear the streets with Woodbury Public Works. Take a ride in a snow plow and see how it works. Also take a winter bike ride on the Carver Lake Park Bike Trail during the Cold Catfish Cup bike race. The Mayor's Memo, Woodbury Update and more on this edition of Woodbury Citystyle.

Woodbury Citystyle December 2017: We meet the staff at the HealthEast Sports Center who keep the facility running smoothly on a daily basis. We experience adult skating lessons and the adult Soccer Leagues. In our development plan, we show you some of the new housing being constructed south of East Ridge High School. We also your Woodbury Update and your Rec. Zone.

Woodbury Citystyle November 2017:
We introduce you to Woodbury's K9 Unit. See how officers Jason Posel and Brian Cline work with their K9 partners Bayden and Nova.
Learn how you can be a member of Public Safety's Paw Patrol
See an in-depth profile of public safety director Lee Vague
We look back at the creation of the Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial in our moment in time
Also our Woodbury Update and more

October 2017:
We go to Big Truck Day at Central Park
See how Community Education "Painted the Bus" this Summer
Spend some time Cooking with the Mayor
Woodbury Update
Mayor's Memo: Housing

In September we've gone fishing.
We fish on Colby Lake from Edgewater park and show you other places to fish in Woodbury
See how Madison's Place helps child development
Celebrate Woodbury Days with Council President Theresa Janechek
Look at the changes that are coming to Woodbury Lakes
Also your Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone.

On this edition of Woodbury Citystyle we attend the Adult Softball League at the HealthEast Sports Center. We also introduce you to a Baseball Family who coach their sons in the Miracle League
Go along with the Parks Crew as they take care of the many public gardens in the city
Megan Beck has the Woodbury Update and we have your recreation programs in the Rec Zone
Bonus Feature: We see the Stanley Cup come to Woodbury thanks to NHL Champion Jake Guentzel

Woodbury Citystyle June 2017:
Learn what the Woodbury Public Works Utilities Division does for the city.
Woodbury Sewer Services and how you can help keep them working.
Learn how to conserve water.
Mayors Memo: The HealthEast Sports Center
Rec Zone, Woodbury Update and more.

Get out and be active on this edition of Woodbury Citystyle.
Learn about the programs the recreation department has planned this summer
See all the things you can do in Woodbury Parks
Assistant Parks Director Mike Adams gives us some details about the Ojibway Park Renovation
Our Development Plan looks at Tria Orthopedics at City Place
Plus the Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone.

This is the 100th episode of Woodbury Citystyle
In this episode:
Go behind the scenes of the Woodbury Council Chamber renovation
Celebrate 100 episodes by looking back at our favorite moments
Citystyle Classic: An award wining story about a Public Safety Disaster Drill
Our Moment in Time celebrates the life of Howard Radke, Woodbury's first city employee
Also the Woodbury update and more.

On this edition we celebrate 50 years of Woodbury:
See Woodbury's beginnings as a Farm town and learn how it grew into a suburb of 65,000.
Meet the Woodbury Heritage Society
Mayor Stephens wishes Woodbury a happy birthday
Also the Woodbury Update and the Rec. Zone

Experience Winter in Woodbury on this edition of Woodbury Citystyle
We bike through Carver Lake Park
Take the Polar Plunge into Carver Lake
And Snowshoe Run on the Carver Lake Trail
Also find out when Costco is coming to Woodbury
We also have your Woodbury Update and the Rec Zone.

In this edition of Woodbury Citystyle we look back at the accomplishments the city made in 2016, from Madison's place to City Place. We also show you some of our favorite stories from the past year.

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